Fine Art Print (2 Sizes Available) Frigatebird 1
Fine Art Print (2 Sizes Available) Frigatebird 1

Size: 16x20, Color: B/W/red, Material: Paper

Fine Art Print (2 Sizes Available) Frigatebird 1
Fine Art Print (2 Sizes Available) Frigatebird 1
Fine Art Print (2 Sizes Available) Frigatebird 1
Fine Art Print (2 Sizes Available) Frigatebird 1
Fine Art Print (2 Sizes Available) Frigatebird 1
Fine Art Print (2 Sizes Available) Frigatebird 1

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Can I cancel an order??

Orders that are not yet into production can be returned however, once and order has been completed and is in transit it can not be cancelled but it can be returned.  Orders can be returned within 30 days of receiving product, customer pays return fees.  Products (defective, damaged or lost in transit) can be replaced.

See shipping policy and returns policy on my website.

Gallery Aderyn: What I’m working on

This week I’m creating more pen and ink drawings with the world of fungi taking center stage.  This inkcap mushroom (featured photo) will soon be ready to show in my gallery.   Today I’ve added more items to my collection with butterflies on everything.  I love the vacuum sealed water bottle, easy to clean and insulated to keep your drinks colder longer.  Take a look and see what’s new in my store.

How do I check an order status??

Your order confirmation email comes with an order number.  Reach out to for information regarding your order.

How do I know that my order is confirmed??

When you place an order on my website you will get an email with your order number and a confirmation that the order has been placed.  This order number can be used to track your order.  When an order ships out will receive a tracking number for your order.  Heads up if your order has multiple items they may ship at different times.

How do I make a purchase??

It's simple just go to Gallery Aderyn's website and start your search for amazing products.

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News from Gallery Aderyn

Summer is always a busy time for me- plenty of opportunities to be outside enjoying nature and collecting ideas for new works of art.  Back in the studio, the work is endless.  Exploring new techniques, and developing new creations there’s not much time to do anything else.  My big announcement this week is the new rollout of my art prints.  These will be sourced from Canada with free  worldwide shipping.  New prints will be added monthly.  This change was made in order to protect the quality I want to see in my products.  Overthe next few weeks, I will be adding new prints back into my store. Checkout this print MONARCH BUTTERFLY 1


Gallery Aderyn

What I'm working on now May 24

This is my latest artwork Screech owl !... It's nearly ready to go to the printshop.  Soon it will be available to take home as a 16x20 print and on lots of eveyday items.

What payment methods do you accept??

At GALLERY ADERYN, most credit cards are accepted (mastercard, visa, Amex, Discover) as well I take Shoppay, Applepay, Googlepay and PayPal

WhatI’m working on now…

What I’m working  on now… Three new prints will be available soon.  Including Frigate bird 1   My pen and ink creations have usually included monochromatic black and white images however i’ve been including a splash of colour just to add an intresting aspect.  I’m excited to see what other images I can create in this series.